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Nestled along the Werribee River is the splendid Melton Reservoir, a cherished escape just a stone’s throw from Melton‘s bustling township. More than a century has shaped its banks, with the construction of the reservoir dating back to 1916, making it a storied landmark in supporting local agriculture through irrigation and now, as a beacon for leisure and recreation. The allure of Melton Reservoir lies in its versatility, offering an array of activities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts and families alike.

Those with a penchant for the water will relish the opportunities for Melton Reservoir boating, while landlubbers enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the well-appointed picnic areas. Anglers can indulge in Melton Reservoir fishing from the shore, wrestling catches such as redfin and carp, punctuating an otherwise serene atmosphere. Beyond the buzz of activity, the reservoir is also a haven for Melton Reservoir wildlife, making every visit a chance to connect with nature.

The Melton Reservoir’s southern wall reserve is an epicentre for gatherings, decked out with convenient amenities – a half-volleyball court, children’s playground, and BBQ facilities. Visitors can plunge into the summer splendor, where the reservoir’s appeal is at its zenith—enhanced by the charming backdrop of the historic Melton Viaduct.

Key Takeaways

  • Historic Melton Reservoir provides a suite of recreational activities, from Melton Reservoir boating to serene picnicking spots.
  • Accessible from Melton Station, this local gem is perfect for family outings and solo adventures, particularly in the summer months.
  • Fishing at Melton Reservoir is a favoured pastime, with the promise of capturing species like redfin and carp along its banks.
  • Melton Reservoir activities blend outdoor fun with the appreciation of local flora and fauna, thanks to its diverse Melton Reservoir wildlife.
  • The picturesque reserve near the southern wall offers idyllic spots, featuring picnic amenities, playgrounds, and sporting facilities for public enjoyment.

Melton Reservoir: A Hub for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The alluring Melton Reservoir emerges as a prime location for diverse outdoor activities, standing out as a picturesque hub for anyone keen to immerse themselves in nature’s splendor. Whether you’re drawn to the calm waters or the serene trails surrounding the area, this reserve promises an array of experiences for the outdoor enthusiast.

The Sights and Sounds of Melton Reservoir

Positioned amid rolling hills and native bushland, Melton Reservoir offers an escape where sights and sounds come alive. While exploring the reservoir, visitors can utilize the easily accessible Melton Reservoir map to navigate the stunning landscape. As the Melton Reservoir water level elegantly reflects the sky, the chorus of local birdlife provides a natural soundtrack to the breathtaking vistas.

Watersports and Fishing Opportunities

Water enthusiasts are drawn to Melton Reservoir for its prime Melton Reservoir boating conditions, facilitating a day of adventure or tranquility out on the water. For those looking to reel in a satisfying catch, Melton Reservoir fishing presents a bounty, with species like redfin and carp populating the waters. Whether you’re casting a line from the shore or a boat, the reservoir caters to anglers of all levels.

Picnicking and Family Fun

Equally suited for a family outing, the Melton Reservoir recreational spaces offer ample room for a picnic spread, giving everyone the chance to dine al fresco amidst natural beauty. For those who wish to extend their stay, the option of Melton Reservoir camping means the enjoyment doesn’t need to end with the sunset. Families can indulge in a host of activities, including a play in the designated children’s areas or a friendly game on the half-volleyball court, ensuring every visit is loaded with memorable moments.

In summary, for those seeking escape and adventure, the location is key. Nestled just a stone’s throw away, the Melton Reservoir address serves as the gateway to an array of natural wonders and activities, inviting visitors to experience the best of the great outdoors.

Discover the Natural Beauty of the Surrounding Areas

The city of Melton, beyond the banks of Melton Reservoir, is a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural experiences. For nature aficionados, the Grey Box Forest presents an escape into an idyllic landscape dotted with the eponymous Eucalyptus microcarpa, a native tree species that contributes to the local ecology. Meanwhile, the Melton Botanic Garden is a sanctuary for plant lovers with numerous collections including the Indigenous Peoples Garden and Sensory Garden. These spaces not only display a kaleidoscope of flora but also serve as educational grounds for learning about native plant species and their uses in traditional cultures.

Those keen on observing Melton Reservoir wildlife can revel in the sight of vibrant birdlife and aquatic animals during their outdoor explorations. The area is replete with opportunities for Melton Reservoir activities, ranging from leisurely strolls to more adventurous pursuits such as bird watching and nature photography.

On weekends, the heritage-rich Eynesbury Market transforms into a vibrant showcase of local tradition, offering visitors a taste of community life. Here, one can browse through stalls brimming with fresh farmer’s produce and unique artisanal crafts, making it the perfect setting to gather wholesome local foods and one-of-a-kind souvenirs.




Grey Box Forest

Hiking, Birdwatching

Walking Trails, Nature Signs

Melton Botanic Garden

Garden Tours, Educational Workshops

BBQ Facilities, Toilets, Picnic Areas

Eynesbury Market

Shopping, Cultural Experiences

Food Stalls, Artisan Booths

Engaging with these local sites provides a broader understanding of Melton’s community spirit and ecological diversity. Whether it’s through participating in Melton Reservoir activities, exploring the rich backdrop of the Melton Botanic Garden, or reveling in the unique finds at the Eynesbury Market, visitors are assured of an enriching experience that goes beyond the typical tourist trail.

Unveiling the History of Melton Reservoir

Delving into the past of the Melton Reservoir, one unveils a timeline steeped in utilitarian origin and architectural beauty. The story of this landmark begins over a century ago, marking it as an integral piece of the local heritage.

The Origins and Significance of Exford Weir

The Melton Reservoir, originally known as Exford Weir, was created in 1916 as a pivotal source for irrigation, playing a significant role in the development of the Werribee area’s agricultural prowess. It has since stood as a testament to early 20th-century engineering, echoing the resilience and forward-thinking of the era.

Heritage of the Melton Viaduct

The scarcely paralleled Melton Viaduct extends across the skies of Melton Reservoir, boasting its heritage since the year 1886. This grand structure has been a keystone in the history of the region’s infrastructure, ensuring connectivity and progress throughout the generations. It serves not just as a functional edifice, but as a visual narrative of the Melton Reservoir origins and the ingenuity behind its design.






Melton Viaduct


Architectural innovation and historical connectivity


Exford Weir (Melton Reservoir)


Agricultural development and local heritage

In this journey through time, the Melton Reservoir history is richly interwoven with the collective memory and ongoing narrative of the community. As one observes the calm waters or the silent strength of the Melton Viaduct, the Melton Reservoir origins reveal layers of stories yet to be fully explored, marking the area’s unique contribution to the tapestry of Australia’s historical landscape. The Exford Weir, in its enduring splendor, resounds with chapters of yesteryears, assuring every visitor a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Melton’s past.

Accessing Melton Reservoir and Local Amenities

Explore Melton Reservoir Activities

For those seeking to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational activities at Melton Reservoir, understanding the modes of Melton Reservoir transportation is key to planning a seamless day trip or weekend getaway. Nestled just a short journey from Melbourne’s bustling city centre, the reservoir promises visitors an accessible slice of tranquillity and outdoor fun with its well-established Melton Reservoir access routes. After alighting at Melton Station, visitors can choose a short taxi ride or drive themselves to the water’s edge, allowing for spontaneous nature escapes without the need for extensive planning.

Once there, one can avail of a range of Melton Reservoir local facilities that serve various interests and needs. From the convenience of picnic areas to the availability of active pursuits such as boating, the local amenities are thoughtfully integrated into the environment, catering not only to leisure seekers but also to those passionate about water-based activities.

  • Ample parking for a stress-free start to your visit
  • Toilet facilities to ensure comfort during your stay
  • BBQ pits for a delightful outdoor dining experience
  • Picnic areas perfect for family gatherings or quiet contemplation
  • Accessible paths to make the beauty of the reservoir available to all

Strategically located, the Melton Reservoir’s local facilities ensure that every visitor is well accommodated, rendering it an idyllic destination that blends convenience with the call of the wild.

A Guide to Melton Reservoir Recreational Reserve

Nestled within the charming environs of the city, the Melton Reservoir Recreational Reserve serves as a peaceful haven for outdoor lovers and families alike. Boasting an array of amenities and available activities, the reserve is designed to accommodate visitors wishing for relaxation or adventure amid nature’s beauty.

Amenities and Facilities for Visitors

Melton Reservoir picnic area is dotted with well-maintained facilities, offering the perfect spot for visitors to unwind and dine al fresco. Families can delight in the spacious playground, ensuring children have memorable and active experiences in a safe environment. For convenience, amenities such as clean toilets and modern BBQ setups are strategically placed throughout the reserve, providing the essentials for a fuss-free day out.

Seasonal Events and Activities

Throughout the year, Melton Reservoir Recreational Reserve becomes a vibrant hub of seasonal events and a wide range of activities catering to different interests. Whether it’s participating in water sports, engaging in Melton Reservoir boating adventures, or simply soaking in the eclectic atmosphere during local festivals, the reserve is a lively destination that encapsulates the community spirit of Melton.





Sheltered tables, BBQ areas

All year round

Children’s Play

Secure playground

All year round


Boat ramps, hire services

Season dependent

Seasonal Festivals

Event spaces, marquees

Varies by event

Incorporating the serenity of Melton Reservoir activities with the convenience and enjoyment offered by its facilities, the Recreational Reserve remains an idyllic location for those seeking both solace and jubilation amidst the splendour of the Australian outdoors.

Partaking in Boating and Club Events

Melton Reservoir, a pride of Melbourne’s natural landscapes, is a serene setting that offers boating enthusiasts the opportunity to engage with the waters through a variety of organized activities. These events become even more exciting with the participation of the Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club, which has been at the forefront of enriching the boating culture at the reservoir.

Joining the Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club

The Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club is a community staple for speedboat aficionados and recreational boaters alike. It offers a forum for members to revel in exhilarating boating experiences and to compete in events that are indicative of their passion for the nautical lifestyle. The club not only fosters a sense of camaraderie among boating enthusiasts but also actively promotes the responsible enjoyment of Melton Reservoir’s boating opportunities. By becoming a member of this prestigious club, boat owners can take part in races, social gatherings, and skills development sessions, all set against the stunning backdrop of Melton Reservoir’s pristine waters.

Members of the Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club find a sense of belonging in this energetic community, uniting under the thrill of boating in one of Melbourne’s most celebrated aquatic environments.

Marvelling at the Local Wildlife and Flora

The lush environment surrounding Melton Reservoir is a verdant sanctuary for various species, making it a premium spot for naturalists and casual observers alike. The area thrives as a Melton Reservoir natural habitat with a diverse ecosystem, welcoming those fascinated by the beauty and intricacy of native flora and fauna.

Exploring the Habitat Around Melton Reservoir

The banks of Melton Reservoir provide a myriad of opportunities for habitat exploration. This verdant environment not only supports a bountiful display of native plants but also acts as an ecological hub for wildlife. The preservation efforts in place encourage a thriving biodiverse system where the Melton Reservoir wildlife can proliferate, allowing daily sightings of creatures in their natural state.

Species You Might Encounter

Every visit to Melton Reservoir offers a chance to spot distinctive wildlife in its undisturbed surrounds. The area’s birdlife is particularly rich, and enthusiasts may encounter species such as the laughing kookaburra, the splendid fairy-wren, and the wedge-tailed eagle. Those with a keen eye may also spot mammals like the eastern grey kangaroo or even the elusive echidna ambling through the underbrush.

In addition to the fauna, the flora at Melton Reservoir provides an atmospheric setting for leisurely strolls and educational forays. Amid the wildflowers and eucalypt groves, visitors gain insight into the complex, natural ecosystem and the delicate balance of this Melton Reservoir natural habitat.

A Detailed Look at Melton Reservoir Fishing

Recreational angling is a favoured activity at Melton Reservoir, known for its abundant fish stocks and serene environment. With a reputation as a haven for anglers, the reservoir supports a vibrant ecosystem ideal for various fishing experiences.

Popular Fish Species in Melton Reservoir

For fishing enthusiasts keen on capturing the essence of freshwater angling, Melton Reservoir offers a multitude of species to target. Notably, Redfin, known for their spirited fight, Carp, a challenge for any angler due to their size and strength, and the elusive Estuary Perch are amongst the most sought-after by those casting their lines into these waters. Whether for catch-and-release or for the pleasure of a fresh catch dinner, these species represent the rich piscatorial culture of Melton Reservoir.

Fishing Licenses and Regulations

To maintain the ecological integrity and sustain the vibrant fishing culture at Melton Reservoir, adherence to fishing regulations is imperative. Anglers are reminded that a valid fishing license is required, which serves to both protect the fish populations and ensure that the pastime can be enjoyed by future generations. Regulations, including size limits and bag limits, have been thoughtfully designed to preserve the reservoir’s natural balance and to encourage responsible fishing practices.


In essence, Melton Reservoir shines as a multifaceted gem nestled in the heart of the Melton region, offering a plethora of Melton Reservoir activities suitable for individuals and families alike. Whether one is drawn by the call of water-based recreation, the allure of a serene picnic, or the excitement of reeling in a catch, this locale is well-equipped to provide an enriching outdoor experience. The reservoir’s storied past weaves through the area, adding layers of historical intrigue to an already captivating landscape.

For those seeking to immerse themselves in the natural splendour, the Melton Reservoir wildlife presents a vibrant tableau of biodiversity, where a leisurely stroll might reveal a surprising array of flora and fauna. The detailed Melton Reservoir map available at various access points ensures explorers can navigate the extensive grounds with ease, making the most of their visit to this recreational haven.

The adjacent attractions amplify the appeal of Melton Reservoir, creating an interconnected network of leisure and relaxation opportunities. With the addition of the Melton Botanic Garden, local golf courses, and community events, visitors can curate a personalised adventure reflecting their interests. It’s clear that Melton Reservoir’s blend of natural beauty, recreational variety, and accessibility establishes it as a premier outdoor destination for locals and tourists venturing into Melbourne’s enchanting outskirts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can be enjoyed at Melton Reservoir?

Melton Reservoir offers a variety of activities including boating, picnicking, fishing, and observing local wildlife. It is an ideal spot for family outings and watersports enthusiasts.

Is there a designated picnic area at Melton Reservoir?

Yes, Melton Reservoir has a designated picnic area complete with facilities such as BBQ setups and ample space for picnicking in scenic surroundings.

What type of fish can be caught at Melton Reservoir?

Anglers can catch fish species like redfin, carp, and estuary perch at Melton Reservoir.

Can visitors engage in boating at Melton Reservoir?

Yes, boating is one of the popular activities at Melton Reservoir, and there are events organized by the Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club that visitors can enjoy.

What amenities are available at Melton Reservoir?

Melton Reservoir’s amenities include picnic spots, children’s playgrounds, toilets, BBQ facilities, and a half-volleyball court.

Are there any historical sites to see at Melton Reservoir?

Yes, visitors can see the historical Melton Viaduct, which has been standing since 1886, and learn about the origins of Exford Weir, built-in 1916.

How can one get to Melton Reservoir?

Melton Reservoir can be accessed by public transport with a train to Melton Station and then a taxi to the site, or by driving approximately 45 km west from Melbourne’s centre.

Does Melton Reservoir facilitate camping activities?

While Melton Reservoir offers many recreational activities, camping is not one of them. Visitors should check the local area for designated camping sites.

What wildlife might I encounter at Melton Reservoir?

The area around Melton Reservoir is home to a rich biodiversity, including various bird species and native wildlife, making it a fantastic spot for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Are fishing licenses required for fishing at Melton Reservoir?

Yes, fishing at Melton Reservoir requires a valid fishing license, and anglers need to adhere to the local fishing regulations to ensure sustainability of the fish populations.

What is the Melton Reservoir water level like?

The water level at Melton Reservoir can vary depending on seasonal changes and weather conditions. It is advised to check the latest reports or contact local authorities for the current water level information before planning activities like fishing or boating.

Are there any walking trails near Melton Reservoir?

Yes, there are natural trails in the surrounding area of Melton Reservoir, including paths through the Grey Box Forest and around the Melton Botanic Garden, offering opportunities for walking, hiking, and biking.

Can I find a map of Melton Reservoir?

Maps of Melton Reservoir are available through local tourist information centers and online resources, providing details on the reservoir, its facilities, and surrounding attractions.

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